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The specific objectives of the project include: 1. To create the playground for the kids to easily monitor their movements.


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The building will also be used to generate income for the CBO through room hiring and renting when it is not occupied by the flood victims. Our policy in procurement preaches about zero corruption. Project Budget see annex 2.

The organization through its members works hand in hand with the district council in implementing disaster initiatives in our area.

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Risk and Assumptions bricks, sand, land and water. Mention all the details in the budget, so that it is easier for the others to understand what and where the expenses and the incomes would possibly come from.

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This way you can make the best use of the research in your proposal. The frequency of floods has been increasing over the years, resulting in loss of life, damage to property and destruction of the environment. For over fifteen years, Jombo primary school has been used as an evacuation point and Jombo villages still host the people Page 2 of 11 that were displaced in January in temporary shelters. Step 5: Proofread It is very important to proofread the proposal throughout, just so you can make sure that you did not miss any important details. Lack of proper toilets at the camp offers privacy and security concerns to women and girls. Investment proposal examples can be seen on the page to provide added information regarding the writing of such proposals. Project Goal and Objectives The main goal of the project is to improve the preparedness of people to respond to floods through evacuation measures in Group Village Headman Jombo in order to reduce the flooding disaster losses. The chairperson will be the supervisor for all the construction works. It is expected that 8, people are Headman Jombo in Chikwawa district. The project will be implemented by the management team of the Tikumbukireni CBO.

This will k. It is expected that 8, people are Headman Jombo in Chikwawa district.

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