Write a html program illustrating text formatting in microsoft

On the Bullets menu, click to choose a bullet style. Some fonts may not scale properly, so they may have limited size options.

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The Format Painter button pops back up, and your cursor changes back to its normal I-beam appearance. Drag the boundary to a new location to change your document margins. Time for another active learning example! Word makes it easy to indent text in this way. The Change Case menu gives you five ways to change the case of a selection. Let's look at a few examples. Paragraph formatting includes things like paragraph alignment, line spacing, bullets, numbering, indents, and tab settings. Here are some examples: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark You can select and drag a tab to a different place in your text. When you click a bullet to apply that style to the paragraph, a couple of things happen. Caffeine's chemical formula is C8H10N4O2. The Change Case command defies the usual rules about selecting before you apply character formatting. Multilevel lists add an extra twist to the numbered format. If your justified text looks odd because big gaps appear between the letters or words, try using a long line—that is, putting more characters per line. An icon next to this checkbox shows you the symbol for tab characters.

In any case, if you absolutely must have red marching ants dancing around the perimeter of your letters, the only way to enlist them is to cut and paste preformatted text from an older version of Word.

Page break before.

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If you double-clicked for multiple format painting, you can keep on dragging over text or clicking paragraphs. The numbers on the ruler mark the distance from the left margin in both directions, left and right.

You can adjust this spacing between paragraphs to set off some blocks of text from the rest.

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If you need greater precision, use the Tab dialog box described in Section 4. When you make these changes, your document shows the consequences.

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Coffee The drink that gets the world running in the morning. Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists Bullets and numbers add impact and help organize information. Keep with next. However, if you want to copy the same formatting to several different locations, double-click the Format Painter. You could end up with a page break in some weird spot. Numbers without decimal points align similar to a right tab. Sure, you can use the Tab key to scoot the insertion point across the page in half-inch increments. Use the Line and Page Break settings to control the appearance of your text and to avoid awkward transitions between pages. The Paragraph box is divided into four sections. This unusual alignment is most often used for setting captions or quotations apart from the main text. Or you can use borders for paragraphs or tables. Numbers align with the decimal point centered on the tab stop. You can use our sample below, or replace it with one of your own.
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