What professional sports gives back the

The organization has arranged numerous trips to help out in the Dominican Republic since its founding.

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LeBron James 9 of 10 Jesse D. From Jordans to Nikes, basketball shoes have become as much a cultural touchstone as they are a utilitarian item in the United States, but around the world many budding athletes are prevented from playing sports at an early age because they lack even this simple tool.

But unlike some players, Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha has experienced it firsthand. The website also details numerous other ways in which Gordon has used his time and money to help with cancer research and other causes.

What percent of professional athletes donate money to charity

Sports fans are also more inclined to give to causes linked with their favorite players or teams. As a result of Mussina's expressed desire to give back to the community in which he grew up, each year the foundation grants college scholarships to seniors from 12 high schools in the area and has more recently launched a nationwide scholarship program. The foundation is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for families in need of a marrow or cord blood transplant. Our founders saw that the sports community is competitive by nature, which has led to a fragmented approach to philanthropy. Each year, Ibaka teams up with Cowbell Milk to put on the Cowbell Ibaka Games , which celebrate Congolese culture through music and sports. By Phineas Rueckert Oct. He also has his own charity, the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust, which, according to looktothestars. But as Mr. But did you know that, according to takepart.

Nonprofit organizations clamor to be associated with sports teams, leagues and events because of their broad reach and the popularity of the athletes. The NBA, which is the fastest-growing sport among millennialshas often seen players weigh into pertinent national discussions about race, activism, and other issues that affect those living in poverty such as gun violence.

Because the winners are introduced at every home game, fans can put a face with a name of a charity. After being diagnosed with the rare kidney disease glomerulosclerosis, Mourning began his "Zo's fund for Life" campaign, which supports kidney research and provides financial assistance to those diagnosed with kidney-related diseases.

When it was announced before a December game that Telemaque-Nelson had died, Wall was visibly emotional, and broke down in tears in a postgame interview. Originally from the Dominican Republic, one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, Horford spent the past summer reconstructing courts in his hometown of Puerto Plata and putting together youth basketball clinics on the island.

Along with our Founderswe are breaking down barriers and bringing people together. Some players have their own charities and can motivate a team to be involved.

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In the spirit of the holidays and giving back to the community, here are the athletes who give back the most, in no particular order.

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These 15 NBA Players Are Giving Back to the Global Community