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To the early modern consciousness, witches were a distinctly real and dangerous possibility — and the witches in the play would have seemed all-the-more potent and terrifying as a result. Authors can define a set of keywords that will trigger individual responses if they are found or missing in the text. Give the question a descriptive name - this allows you to identify it in the Question bank. We do care so that our clients could get only first-rate papers and be successful in their academic performance. This bit relies upon getting the beginnings and endings of paragraphs just right. We aim at providing the papers with excellent original content at an affordable price that our customers always like. Instructions on how to answer essay questions you can get in our blog! This open-ended format guarantees that only the students who have truly paid attention will succeed.

However, each paragraph of the task is supposed to be structured with a topic and the summarizing sentences at the end. Test Pilot also provides the clerkship director with the capability to obtain improved measurements of student performance and captures the student's self-learning and testing process.

How We Calculate Payment: We count 5 questions as being the equivalent to one page words of academic writing. Response template It is possible for a teacher to create a template to scaffold the student's answer in order to give them extra support.

Enter the question in the 'Question text' field. As such, they can address experts for help and thus be sure that the online quiz, test or home task will be passed successfully.

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Over a one-year period, most students have switched from the quiz disks to Test Pilot. Essay questions are created in the same way as other quiz question types.

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Writing this out at the planning stage, in addition to clarifying your ideas, is a great test of whether a point is relevant: if you struggle to write the sentence, and make the connection to the question and larger argument, you might have gone off-topic.

A point from my plan for one of the topics above might look something like this: To what extent are we supposed to believe in the three witches in Macbeth?

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