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Let us all take a moment to raise our glasses to [bride] and [groom.

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Hello everyone. May you be friends to each other only as lovers can, and may you love each other only as best friends can. Today happens to be one of those days.

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While most toasts are directed at the bride and groom, the newlyweds may toast the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as their parents. Let us raise a glass in high hopes of happiness for many years to come! Congratulations to the both of you on your wedding day. Although standing up here looking at him next to [Bride], you could have done a bit better hun. You should have a great framework with which to work. Let us all raise a glass to their happiness and health. Leave it in the past. And while a mother never stops worrying, my mind and heart are at ease because [bride] and [groom] have found each other. Congratulations to the bride and groom! A timeless quote keeps guests engaged and staves off boredom, and you'll only need to add a few heartfelt words of your own to create the perfect toast. Talk about a couple memories from childhood of the bride or groom. That is what will keep your love fresh and exciting, even 30 years from today.

Congratulations, [bride] and [groom. Members of the wedding party are expected to propose a toast, and a simple "To your health!

Speak up, stand tall and deliver that final toast with gusto. To [bride] and [groom,] may they honor the Lord with their marriage and their love for one another.

Even the cake is in tiers! Write it down.

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Raise your glasses everyone! This can be done either before or after the cutting of the cake. The next part of the best man speech structure is focusing on the groom. DO: Go out with a bang. Who Gives a Wedding Toast? He is someone who I look up to, whose love inspires me, and I think he found his perfect match in [bride. Most of all, I always prayed for her happiness. No woman should look better than the bride.

May you continue to find humor in the bad and appreciation for the good. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with.

After applause, introduce the maid of honor for her speech. This is a great point to keep in mind when selecting a best man—in addition to his ability to plan a stellar bachelor party, of course. My speech is going to be like a mini-skirt: long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to hold your attention.

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Please join me as I raise a glass to these two newlyweds. The language you and your buddies use when telling stories may be appropriate over beers at a BBQ, but not at a wedding. Let us all toast to a marriage that will be strong and enduring. Once you have your opening line down, then immediately thank all the guests who made the day possible. Talk about how gorgeous she looks, how much you like her as a friend. A great best man speech should be less than 7 minutes and should focus on the couple. Love is something that we could all use a little bit of. He did choose me as his best man after all. And while a mother never stops worrying, my mind and heart are at ease because [bride] and [groom] have found each other. There is no remedy for love but to love more.
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40 Wedding Toast Quotes & Ideas for Every Speech