The life and musical career of the american singer nina simone

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While she had no experience as a vocalist, Eunice faked it well enough to get the job, and she adopted the stage name Nina Simone -- Nina from a pet name her boyfriend used, and Simone from the French film star Simone Signoret. She had been awarded money to pay for one year at the school.

There's no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes and heroines are or were.

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Her vocal career began in in an Atlantic CityNew Jerseynightclub when the club owner threatened to fire her unless she sang too. The house was filled with music, Nina Simone later recalled, and she learned to play piano early, playing at church when she was only six.

She took the entrance exam for the Curtis Institute's classical piano program, but was not accepted. Discouraged, she took private piano lessons with Vladimir Sokoloffa professor at Curtis, but never could re-apply due to the fact that at the time Curtis institute did not accept students over She said nothing was easy anymore.

Nina Simone continued to stand up and speak out. Updated May 29, Legendary jazz pianist and singer Nina Simone composed over songs, recorded almost 60 albums.

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Nina Simone, Singer Was Active in the Civil Rights Movement