The defence of duffers drift

The later dreams end more inconclusively, and in the final dream, BF and his command successfully hold out long enough to be relieved. Swinton, K. Published in U. Influence[ edit ] Start of the prologue.

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Archived from the original on Although written as a fictional tale, Swinton's aim was to teach tactical lessons as well as generate discussion and debate on the planning and execution of operations.

Throughout this book Swinton portrays his battles as dreams, more or less, nightmares. Give them air.

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McDonough in , deals with a somewhat larger combat element than "Duffer's Drift,", and having a slightly different reason for the "dreams. As a brand new officer, Swinton was giving the mission to protect Duffers drift at all costs. To test the concealment or otherwise of your position, look at it from the enemy's point of view. He captures all that his army can take to cut down on informants. Infantry Journal, now Army, April Army Infantry Journal in April , 72 pages. Lieutenant BF put the welfare of his soldiers before his own.

Some examples are provided below, including: a primer on World War I battalion level combined arms tactics incorporating new types of warfare tanks, machine guns, and aviationa mechanized battalion level primer, a military combat service support example, one that is non-military related, and one adopting the parable to operations in Iraq.

It is nasty from one flankā€”far worse from both flanks.

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Gradual commercial control by the British and discovery of gold and diamonds, among other things, served to create hostility between the Boers and British, resulting in the South African War or Boer War from to

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The Defence of Duffer's Drift by Ernest Dunlop Swinton