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You are your own person with your own story biographybut you are influenced in a million ways by the social structure and people who came before you history.

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It's just that life is rarely a solitary situation where our singular choices are untouched by societal or cultural variables. This speaks to both the nature of poor suburban design that encourages sprawl, but also to the fact that it is easier for me to drive than to walk. Just look at the name.

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Together, they conclude that C. Rettig, Gregory M.

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So do not merely report minute researches into static knife-edge moments, or very short-term runs of time. Whether it has to do with being unemployed during an economic recession or choosing to drive an SUV when you agree that environmental stewardship is highly important, having a sociological imagination helps us to explain the true reasoning behind them. Feature films are used in introductory sociology courses to demonstrate the current relevance of sociological thinking and to show how the sociological imagination helps people make sense of their social world. YourDictionary definition and usage example. An example of such patterns can be seen in the institution of higher education. Posted: May 6, by Jeanette Wiley "I'm going to show you how to make yourself recession-proof. We make the default option to drive. Being aware of this relationship is crucial to our understanding of the world.

There's common thievery, random murder, gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and on and on. What this fails to recognize, however, is that during an economic recession, there are many more people out of work competing for the fewer number of jobs in the market.

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Social Media and the Sociological Imagination We might consider social media to be a 21st-century phenomenon.

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The Sociological Imagination