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Out of these, 30, might be supposed to be financially able to maintain their own children. This proposal not only solves the problems, but does so inexpensively and with an increased benefit of providing for the other impoverished. At first everyone is horrified by reading this, which they obviously should be since he is suggesting cannibalism, but as Swift continues he speaks more of the positive outcomes that could come from this. He chronologically puts the benefits of his plan. However, his proposal is intentional not to slaughter the children but aware the mean politicians. This is a horrific behavior that is being opposed everywhere in this world. He shows this point, through his witty satire, when he was talking about using the children for food. Text preview of this essay: This page of the essay has words. He is overdramatic in his statements and this paired with his lack of logic makes him a very untrustworthy proposer. He does this to illustrate how backwards and bad the state of Ireland is and the social classes. In the essay, Swift takes on a droll tone in order to convey outrageous solutions allowing him to state his real solutions to people of England. In the current state of the nation Swift asserts it to be impossible.

Secondly, he sarcastically suggests option to Ireland to counter its economic problems. Nevertheless, one who does not understand what irony means would grasp this text directly and find it as misanthropic behavior.

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Swift applies a sympathetic tone in his proposals, especially at the beginning. All the solutions he affords are, at first-hand sound very controversial and absurd because nobody endorses the killing of the people to eliminate the problems. The speaker Swift produced is shown as illogical, overdramatic, and a part, or at least very similar to, the people of the upper class. However, many discarded them and did not pay attention to them. This tone shocks and creates fear for the reader. There was huge political turmoil between the English and the Irish, which caused Ireland and its people suffer a lot. Gaines novel A Lesson Before Dying was an example of a modern change. So, this essay is strong criticism over English domineers and so-called Irish politician. A logical proposal to help the country, would consider the positives and negatives of the entire countries people. Nonetheless, it also satirizes the authorities or politicians by whom the problem ought to be solved but did not. The speaker also shows his dramatic personality when attempting to consider the lower class.

The speaker needs to somehow make his idea acceptable by a powerful group of people and so he tries to show himself as a knowledgeable member of the upper class. Swift creates a man who appears concerned and sympathetic towards the poor people while still agreeing and identifying with the upper class of Ireland.

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Therefore, he proposes a solution to the problem, however, the solution is not what we would call humane, orthodox, reasonable, or even one that we would consider performing today. Through Jonathan Swifts satirical wisdom he is able to get his point across about many social issues such as poverty, hunger, abortion, marriage, and overpopulation.

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Jonathan Swift tries a different approach in order to show his displeasure with the way that Ireland is being run and the countries lack of ideas on how to solve the social issues that are affecting it.

Except for the exceptionally gifted, they will not be able to steal for a living until they are at least six years of age, although, they learn the Rudiments much earlier.

Swift strategically creates a speaker who initially appears sensitive and trustworthy, however the speaker is not reliable because he is just as illogical and overdramatic as the people that Swift is criticizing. The speaker that Swift created is far from logical because of his absurd ideas but it is those ideas that also show how overdramatic he is.

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Essay on Rhetorical Analysis of a Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift