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Other inhabitants include Arlen Bitterbuck, a Native American convicted of killing a man in a fight over a pair of boots also the first character to die in the electric chair ; Arthur Flanders, a real estate executive who killed his father to perpetrate insurance fraudand whose sentence is eventually commuted to life imprisonment while serving his sentence, he is killed by another inmate in the laundry room ; and Mr.

When Delacroix throws Mr. Arlen "The Chief" Bitterbuck A Washita Cherokee death-row inmate, convicted of killing a man in a drunken brawl over a pair of boots.

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In later scenes John is portrayed as nai?? He is literally the epitome of that archetype, but not in a negative way. At the nursing home, Paul feels alone in the world, left only with the memories of those he has loved and lost. He eventually dies of cancer, long after John Coffey's execution. Bill Dodge A "floater" guard on E Block not permanently assigned there. The director creates more sympathy for John by not showing any pain that John is going through. Copy to Clipboard. In the meantime, a young new inmate arrives on E block: William Wharton, a cruel murderer who plays violent tricks on the guards with a persistence that Paul finds terrifying. He is a tall, imposing man but not violent at all unless necessary. In any case, he wanted that warders thought like that. Another scene which adds to the sympathy we feel for sorry is the execution scene. Dies in a bus accident on the way to her grandchild's graduation in

If you were to look up the definition of the gentle giant, a picture of John Coffey would be there. Coffey is described as "knowing his own name and not much else" and lacks the capability to do so much as tie a simple knot.

It was a small mouse. He is literally the epitome of that archetype, but not in a negative way.

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Over time, Paul realizes that John possesses inexplicable healing abilities, which he uses to cure Paul's urinary tract infection and revive Mr.

Percy deliberately avoids soaking a sponge in brine that is supposed to be tucked inside the electrode cap to ensure a quick death in the electric chair. He is disliked by Paul and the other guards because of his ways, but they cannot do anything about it because he is the nephew of the governor's wife.

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Retelling of The Green Mile