Relationship between corporate social performance and firm financial performance

Since Google Insights designates a certain threshold of traffic for search terms, the SVI data of common stocks was obtained weekly.

corporate social performance and corporate social responsibility

In addition to monitoring corporate management activities, it designs corporate strategies, addresses agency problems between the management and external shareholders, and improves the quality of business decisions, which can increase the enterprise's overall operational performance.

Marshfield: Pitman.

corporate social performance ppt

Journal of Business Ethics, 15, — Google Scholar Pfeffer, J. Strategic Management Journal, 21, — Corporate social responsibility: A theory of the firm perspective.

Mitchell, M. Google Scholar King, A. Corporate social disclosure during the global financial crisis. References Allouche, J. The relationship remains after endogeneity is treated. A note on the interaction between corporate social responsibility and financial performance. Google Scholar Thomson Financial LaRoe and M. This study also examines whether a firm's negative news in a market influences CSR and financial performance. Strategic Management Journal, 29, — Google Scholar Carroll, A.

Because a firm's financial performance is directly affected by investors' buying and selling behaviour, understanding how investors perceive CSR is critical to understanding the relationship between a firm's CSR activities and its financial performance. How corporate charitable contributions enhance revenue growth.

To avoid arbitrariness and ensure the reliability of the analysis, each firm is identified by its abbreviated name and Stock ID Code, as issued by the TWSE. Moreover, for firms with a poor reputation, the effect of awareness on the value—CSR relationship is reversed. Google Scholar Ducassy, I. Marshfield: Pitman. Moreover, the majority of electronics firms in Taiwan have adopted the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition EICC code to improve efficiency and allow tracking of social and environmental performance in the global electronics industry supply chain Liu et al. W Greening. Reiner and D.

Causality between corporate social performance and financial performance—evidence from Canadian firms. Simmons and W.

Google Scholar Carroll, A. Google Scholar Wood, D. Journal of Business Ethics, 61, 29— Google Scholar Hunter, J. Moreover, previous studies emphasise that investor attention can affect firm value. Shleifer and Vishny report that agency problems in firms arise not because of conflict between managers and shareholders, but because of conflict between minority shareholders and large, controlling shareholders. Does it pay to be green? Google Scholar Starik, M. Bowen states that CSR can help businesses achieve social justice and economic prosperity by creating welfare for a broad range of social groups, extending their reach beyond corporations and their shareholders. Morck and Yeung argue that owners might engage in socially irresponsible activities to protect their family business.

Google Scholar Datta, D.

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