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Contributing factors in achieving economies scale were incredibly cheap labor costs, low land cost, and relaxed labor law in china, which enabled them to operate their factory on a three shift twenty four hour basis. In addition, the competitive rivalry and new business entry threats were low.

These business did not require Galanz to invest in brand building thus high profit and Galanz can price Microwave Oven at lower side. Galanz realized that little effort was being made in production planning and forecasting for the OBM business which was small batched and diverse.

How should the company set priorities and Utilize its resources and capabilities to gain competitive advantages in the market place? To win orders, Galanz adopted a low-price strategy. What is the role technology has played in the success of Galanz? At this point, technology was a crucial investment for the company in order to survive and grow.

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They did this by Galanz Case providing low cost and mass production. Low product prices triggered more demand. Once again, Galanz was able to reduce costs and increase its market share. This report evaluates past and present perfomance of Galanz with its strategies and gives insights as to what decisions should be made to make the company more successful in future. Manik Rana Chowdhwry www. Completive Strategy: Low price and high quality Operation Strategy: 3 shifts worker and 24 hours production line. You are on page 1of 2 Search inside document 1. Also, the assumption that Galanz already possessed a domestic distribution network is also made. However, with proper forecasting techniques and marketing investments these risks can be managed. Vertical integration gave them a supply power that other manufacturers did not have and gave them the ability to offer the lowest price that buyers could not bargain with. One of the major issues that actually helped the company strive, was the shortage of magnetrons. As an OBM, Galanz would have to invest and transfer resources to not only production but also forecasting and design planning, customer service, marketing and distribution networks. Effectiveness of low cost strategy-company can increase the price of new products. Assumptions For the purpose of this case, the assumption that the market demands for microwave ovens will remain the same for the future years ahead. How has the importance changed over the years?

Rank the importance of Galanzs operations objectives of cost, quality, flexibility, delivery, service and innovations. Since Galanz has evolved and become a dominant player in the global manufacturing market for microvawe ovens.

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How should the company set priorities and utilize its resources and capabilities to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace? Order winning factors has been determined with Galanz Corporation in mind.

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Galanz production lines operated at 3 shifts, 24 hours, 7 days a week and days a year, to fully utilize their production capacity.

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