Needs assessment for worksite health promotion

Worksite Health Promotion. J Am Diet Assoc. Several search engines were accessed and selected key words were used.

employee health needs assessment

To be effective in fulfilling the evolving needs of college faculty, staff, and administrators WHPPs should strive to meet and follow certain core criteria.

Ann Rev Public Health.

Workplace health assessment questionnaire

Using a return-on-investment estimation model to evaluate outcomes from an obesity management worksite health promotion program. A possible list of data sources is provided in table below. This is saying that any healthcare professional would do well by taking to heart. Individual employee responses can easily be identified when reporting results for small groups, even if unintended; this is especially true in small and medium sized organizations. The emerging use of tailoring in health promotion. If your organization has 25 or more employees and you would like to perform comparisons between work units, locations, or employee characteristics, the following is a list of demographic questionspdf icon[PDFK] that you may consider using. Healthcarecosts explode. Harv Bus Rev. Needs assessment can also help determine the highest impact incentives. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Data focused on healthcare costs, claims and absenteeism are most prevalent, and research that targets the softer side benefits of health promotion programs are less available. Establish procedures to prevent unauthorized access to the data. An assessment of the peer-reviewed literature was conducted of articles published since

Finally, research has shown that WHPPs are also effective at helping low risk employees maintain their healthy behaviors. Logan, Utah: Utah State University; Lowering employee health care costs through the Healthy Lifestyle Incentive Program. Employer Health Benefits Summary of Findings; p.

workplace needs assessment survey

Employee health is determined by a complex set of interactions between the individual and their social, cultural, and physical environments and can be influenced in many ways.

A healthy workplace culture also includes having campus policies and a supportive environment that allow for and reinforce participation in the health promotion program. Aldana SG. The remainder of this section will discuss in more detail each of the 10 core components of an effective WHPP with attention given to the unique challenges and opportunities colleges present.

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Needs Assessment for Worksite Health Promotion Program