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Reasonable citizens are willing to follow the rules of society for the benefit of all, they co-operate with others, even at the cost of personal sacrifice.

Such acceptance becomes possible only when citizens are reasonable in their approach. Dowry givers are usually dowry takers, so if we as a society are serious about tackling this issue as a crime, then we should begin with strict implementation of the law in totality.

It is also called as the idea of the living law, as it considered the existing customs and raciest in society. Justice R F Nariman who wrote a separate judgment to concur with the judgments of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Khanwilkar, stated that Section was an archaic provision which had lost its rationale.

The reasonable citizens have tolerance for the views of others and do not influence their decisions in any manner.

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This idea was conceived as a thought experiment in which he analyzed the types of principles that would be adopted by citizens for social Justice, in the condition when they are very knowledgeable on the principles of social Justice but are not aware of any information or circumstances surrounding the person they represent. Here, it is also important to understand the definition to a legal system. However, upon analyzing the theory of legal pluralism proposed by Rails, it becomes necessary to understand whether legal pluralism as a concept is in opposition to the Rule of Law or it infringes upon the principle of Equality before law. However, their treatment continues to remain second class compared to the men. It states that a woman employee who has worked in an organisation for a period of at least 80 days during the 12 months preceding the date of her expected delivery is entitled to receive maternity benefits, which includes maternity leave, nursing breaks, medical allowance, etc. The theory and philosophy of law is termed as Jurisprudence. In the second stage, the veil of ignorance is thinned and the parties are provided with socio-economic and political details, which helps them to adopt a constitution that addresses the first two principles.

This was the second colonial-era law struck down by the Supreme Court after it struck down the year-old law which criminalized gay sex in India. This idea of making the citizens agree to Justice as fairness is in line with the social contract tradition of Rousseau, Locke and Kant.

Women should be treated with equality along with men".

Women acts

This has been one of the key legislations which have addressed the difference principle mentioned by Rails, namely providing maximum benefit to disadvantaged members in society. In order to address these issues, it is relevant to study the scenario of pluralism and the ideas of Justice in the legislations related to women in India and thereby try to arrive at an answer for the same. Another important aspect of the Act has been the acknowledgement of the right of the woman to live in that household and her right to continue to remain there. Justice R F Nariman held that the customs and usages of Sabarimala temple must yield to the fundamental right of women to worship in the temple. According to Rails, the above principles are important to secure the welfare of each citizen. Equal opportunities are not provided for women in both the organized and unrecognized sectors and there finitely exists a glass ceiling for the women in the work force. To provide the solution to the above issues, Rails introduced the concept of Political Liberalism. The POSH Act had been enacted with the objective of preventing and protecting women against workplace sexual harassment which include creation of a hostile work environment and to address complaints of sexual harassment. Gyaneshwar Sharma, her brother has been arrested while her parents and she herself have been evading arrest from the past week. He used instructive philosophy to understand the tenets of legal, moral and political philosophy and published seminal writings on these subjects. NCRB data assumes and projects men commit suicide due to economic reasons and women due to family problems. There have been demands to make this law bailable, non-cognisable and compoundable. The two important principles propounded by him were as follows- 1. In most nations, law is divided into the Civil Law System of codified and consolidated law and Common Law System of non-codified and unconsolidated laws systems. But it has only seen a drastic increase in the number of cases being filed, as women can now withdraw a case at a time of their choice.

These Acts were blanket legislations which were directed at the entire body of women in India. If the Lok Sabha were to approve the bill, it would then have to be passed by half of India's state legislatures and signed by the President.

Earlier, the theory of Legal Centralism was very predominant, which held that the law made and enforced by the state amounted to true law. This needs to be understood for contributing to the development of legal systems.

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