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However, online education is becoming more popular and is being used more often at universities. This chapter will examine why effective communication is required in online classes. Words: - Pages: 2 Learning and Communicating Online Online students are bombarded with communications that consist of mostly text, so the last thing they want is to read a lengthy online message from their instructor.

Because of the company regulation, the employees in the company must wear safety glasses to avoid accident no matter what the department they are in and how their experience is.

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Fostering a sense of community in online classes will make the learning experience more meaningful for online students and help them stay connected during the life of the course. The course aims and objectives will be used with questionnaires, quizzes and other formats that were used to evaluate myself and preferential styles to show my strengths and weaknesses in this essay. This is where the positive, negative, positive approach really proved to be helpful for me. I learnt the importance of using credible sources and a variety of sources in order to add value to research. To achieve this, I need to be a strong communicator by providing regular feedback on progress and encouraging a team to engage actively in the discussion so as to form new ideas and work through challenges. Taking vital signs are essential in revealing any sudden changes in the body, which could potentially indicate clinical deterioration of the patient. Your students are more likely to read and get the message from a concise, well-crafted communication. Before this course, my experience with online sources of information had been limited to an observer status, and although I had read from a variety of sources online, and considered myself capable of sorting truth from fiction, I had never realised the extent to which information can and should be evaluated. It would be useful if you wrote out your communication plan and kept it handy for future use, that way you will always know what your communication plan is for different situations. The two main differences can be divided by two categories which are flexibility and class discussions Bethel University, n.

In this course, you will review the verb tenses that you learned in beginning English classes and learn about a few tenses you may not know very well. The instructor should always participate in this assignment so that the students get the sense that the instructor is a part of the class and is a real person.

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I also reviewed the six different types of social media users Kaplan and Haenlein, during the course and I learnt that my behaviour changes across different social media platforms.

My theory is to work hard Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 12 2.

learning and communicating online assignment 4

During the course I also experienced working collaboratively in an online community creating an informational source. Some will describe me as a team player and compassionate whereas some will say I can be the life of the party.

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Through my chosen online social media platforms, I was able to satisfy this curiosity. Seldom were we asked for our opinions or experience, it was a Lastly, I learnt that learning online has a lot of benefits with the main benefit being that you have the opportunity to consume, produce, contribute to and share knowledge and content very easily.

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