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The play King Lear, written by William Shakespeare, the theme of blindness is clearly illustrated in the characters of King Lear and Gloucester.

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However, it is obviously not a fairy tale because of its tragic ending and its profound philosophies of life Regan and Goneril are cold, heartless and selfish, whereas Cordelia, the youngest is quite the contrary, honest, realistic and straightforward.

Lear, too, is stripped down: stripped of his sovereignty, his train, and respect from his daughters.

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King Lear is in many ways about nothing. The play is set in a time where the King was equal to God himself, he was set apart from the common man as somewhat of a transcended being. Throughout the play, King Lear is shown to be the most blind of all.

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Lear, too, is stripped down: stripped of his sovereignty, his train, and respect from his daughters. Albany was also blind to the fact that Goneril was cheating on him and that she was plotting to kill him. It throws up questions, which remain as perplexing now as they were to Shakespeare's earlier critics. Disorder engulfs the land once Lear transfers his power to his daughters, but as the great American writer, A. These various themes are continually illustrated throughout Shakespeare's King Lear. Fortunately, the consequences of Gloucester's blindness throughout the play was minimal, after all, he was the only one to die as a result of his tragic flaw. Both fathers are lacking in perceptiveness, so the stories of the two families run parallel to each other. It is not a physical flaw, but the inability of the characters to see a person for whom they truly are. These two characters refused to see the truth about the ones that are loyal to them. Any subject. Both characters exhibit a blindness to the world around them. Because Lear was the King, one would expect him to have superb reasoning skills, but his lack of insight kept him from making wise choices The theme of nothing, as well as the theme of blindness, echoes throughout the play. Kent was able to see Cordelia's true love for her father, and tried to protect her from her blind father's irrationality. Lear is not only metaphorically blind but is also blind toward nastiness and loyalty.

This is not Lear.

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King Lear Blindness Essay