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Still, children are able to express their thoughts at least about fundamental things. In fact he was very eloquent and expressive. Being religious is undesirable and partly suppressed in China even though the constitution grants everyone the right to believe in whichever religion as they would like.

However, the big difference is that communism in China or any political regime does not deal with the big questions regarding humanities, such as where do human come from. The documentary also includes the debate between Becky Fischer, a Pentecos and Mike Papantonio, a radio talk-show host.

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The camp employs music, dance, song, demonstration, speech, action, persuasion, etc. So religion must also have other functions. One child by the name of Levi claimed that meeting non-Christians makes his "spirit feel yucky" while implying that it "makes him sick" It seems like Jesus Camp is creating these set-in-stone images in the minds of children, and so are their parents. I don't dismiss creationism as a possibility, yet this lack of tolerance is exactly what Jesus Camp seems to be creating within children who attend it. I am against abortions for gender selection purpose but I do not think having many kids without the sense of responsibility to raise them properly is a good idea. The film, while sympathetic to kids and leaders alike for their beliefs, raises very troubling questions about whether children have the right to be free from extreme political indoctrination, even in religiously motivated political movements that are very sincere. Some children even showed tears during the conference. This shows how deep the hegemony spreads, for even music and other arenas are fundametalised. This film is directed by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing. However, based on my experience, many people who were religious became non-religious after coming out from their hometown and mixing themselves into bigger cities where the population is much more heterogeneous. I think my general impression upon this film is sympathy toward children raised by evangelical parents.

Another shocking message was that these pastors were comparing what they were doing to what extremists did to train child soldiers.

I understand being religious. Those tears must be the sign of strong belief in god that stems from their very impressionable nature.

Jesus camp reflection

Their brains are hegemonised to the level that they cannot even think against their practices. Based on my understanding, first of all, it helped the ancestors to explain and justify things that did not make sense to them before science was discovered and studied. She made children feel guilty for going to a place where a child learns. Children in the audience listening to her insulting them and telling them to get washed of their "phoniness" began to cry while some valiantly struggled to hold back tears. A girl named Tory considers only Christian music to be good, and Britney Spears etc. I am not sure whether the pastors realized they were being manipulative or not, but in my view they were abusing the fact that kids were easily manipulated and they had weak ability to distinguish between facts and fabrications, between right and wrong. The kids attending the camp, the average age of who was probably around 10 or even less, were from all over the United States. His mother believes that God did not give her the child to let another person educate him for 8hours each day. Is communism, under which I grew up, a religion practically, as suggested by a friend a long time ago? Liberal audiences were outraged by a scene featuring pastor Ted Haggard leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, and informal advisor to then president George W Bush , where he disparages homosexuality as a sin, then makes a joke about infidelity and blackmail into the camera.

Same logic applies to your next generation. They can still say whether they like d the church or not.

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This shows that fundamentalism is a contagious problem. My parents think only people who are desperate in their life turn to religions, which eventually does not save them from the misery either.

There were a few major sessions when the kids were taught to confess to God, believe in God, fight against abortion etc. A girl named Tory considers only Christian music to be good, and Britney Spears etc. Sure, it is part of their belief, but it's exactly that.

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freesoul: Reflection on Jesus Camp: how logos, pathos, and ethos are used to brainwash children.