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Beijing is the capital city and the country is ruled by the Communist Party. Furthermore, air connectivity between the two nations has grown progressively. The two territories were not only geographically, but culturally apart too. In , a blockade of the India-Nepal border has effected relations. There are vested interests and lobbies for whom being anti-Indian is synonymous with being patriot and nationalist. Today, it can be said that the Indian subcontinent is in a better position in terms of the social, political and economic status it enjoys in comparison to the other economies of the world. Since ancient time, the peoples of Afghanistan and India have interacted with each other through trade and commerce, peacefully coexisting on the basis of their shared cultural values and commonalities. It has a parliamentary democratic system of government. It is boarded with Pakistan is to its east and south, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to its north, Iran and Turkmenistan to its west. Country realized that the Afghans themselves should be allowed to decide upon their future without external pressure. Being a country with a huge population of 1. India was one of the founding members of several international organisations, most notably the United Nations, the Asian Development Bank, G major economies and the founder of the Non-Aligned Movement. Since , India has been building an India - Bangladesh Fence along much of the mile border. India espoused a policy of cooperation to boost its standing as a regional power and contain its competitor Pakistan, which supports Islamic militants in Kashmir and other parts of India.

Indian exports to the Maldives include agriculture and poultry produce, sugar, fruits, vegetables, spices, rice, wheat flour Attatextiles, drugs and medicines, a variety of engineering and industrial products, sand and aggregate, cement for building etc. To expand economic ties between the two nations, the Afghan Embassy in Delhi has frequently engaged with the national and local chambers of commerce and industries of India.

Neighbouring countries of india and their capitals and prime minister

The large-scale atrocities committed there by the Pakistan army led to millions of Bengali refugees entering into India. Though, China's economic interests have conflicted with those of India. At the time of independence, Pakistan was divided in to two territories, one on the north-west of India and the other, thousands of kilometers far apart, on the east of India. The project that is expected to be completed by will pass through Bangladesh. The Kargil War resulted in a major diplomatic victory for India. Since , India has been building an India - Bangladesh Fence along much of the mile border. Although the prestige stemmed from India's nonaligned stance, the nation was incapable to prevent Cold War politics from becoming intertwined with interstate relations in South Asia. Co-operation in economic field between the two countries has advanced them. Since then, the nation has never looked back. Padua, part of Sylhet Division before , has been under Indian control since the war in The country has a small border with India and China to the north-east.

However, init savoured the taste of independence. India and Sri Lanka has good trade and investment relationship, with bilateral trade growing speedily in last decade and a numerous big Indian private sector companies investing in Sri Lanka and establishing a presence in this country.

It is bordered by India and Bangladesh to its west, Laos and Thailand to its east, China to its north. Whereas in the Treaty of Article 2 read as "The Government of India undertakes to exercise no interference in the internal administration of Bhutan.

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Nepal is not a very large country in terms of its size and spans over an area of 1,47, sq km. Pakistan: Pakistan has been antagonistic when maintaining relations with India.

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Afghanistan - Afghanistan is another neighbouring country of India located in the Central Asia. But China wants to delay solution to the border issue. A high percentage of the population practice Buddhism. Although the problem of the people of Indian origin settled in Sri Lanka was solved by P. To begin the peace process, several confidence-building-measures CBMs between India and Pakistan have been taken. Although the prestige stemmed from India's nonaligned stance, the nation was incapable to prevent Cold War politics from becoming intertwined with interstate relations in South Asia. Political relations are built through high-level exchanges of visits. It is bounded on the north by Tibet and India on other sides.

India again tried to make friendly relations and came forward to organize the Agra summit held in Julybut it also failed. There are unfair and erroneous perceptions about India floating around in the region. This line is not actually recognised as international boundary, as by virtue of Instrument of Accession, entire state of Jammu and Kashmir legally and constitutionally became an integral part of India.

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You can also see other countries that are neighbours of India on the Indian Subcontinent Map. There are also small pieces of land along the border region that Bangladesh is tactfully trying to reclaim.

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India and its neighbourhood