How temperature effects the speed of the reaction essay

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Some chemical reactions, such as explosions, happen very quickly while others like rusting occur very slowly. However there would be no contact between the heated water and the solutions inside the test tube. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Acid-base reactions are a major component of many chemical reactions. The volumes of Potassium Manganate, Water and Sulphuric acid remains the same. There are five factors which affect the rate of a reaction, according to the collision theory of reacting particles: temperature, concentration of solution , pressure in gases , surface are of solid reactants , and catalysts There was a correlation between the amount of gas produced and the change in temperature. In a substance the rate of reaction will be quicker if it has a large surface area The reason was because of the amount of time it takes to pour the HCL into the flask and also the amount of time to put on the stopper makes the results inaccurate, because gas is being lost to the outside and we cannot measure that, but in the end it still have similar results. This can be explained as substrates come into contact with active sites often in the existence of molecules which are in a fast motion.

Chemical reaction essays Free chemical reactions Essays and Papers plan a chemical reaction takes place over a specific period of time i.

All 5 test tubes were initially filled with.

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Each section of the experiment had a specific purpose, to aid in the formulation of a conclusion. It is assumed to be that with increase in temperature, there will be a corresponding increase in the rate of the reaction.

Enzymes bind substrates so tightly in their active site that some or all of the water molecules in solution are shut out. However there would be no contact between the heated water and the solutions inside the test tube.

How does surface area effect rate of reaction. Put the tube inside the cylinder and have the stopper ready for the flask.

How does temperature affect the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid

Human reaction time will also be prevalent when the times are taken. To hold the 4 variable solutions and the one control for each temp value, 30 regular test tubes were used. Consecutive timings arent taken. Hold the flask and lightly stir it for 4 minutes. In order for a chemical reaction to occur, the necessary components of the reaction must first interact with each other. The experiment entails that the time it takes for the solution to become colourless, when the glucose solution is added, is affected by the temperature of the solution. All enzymes have a temperature range at which they catalyze the most reactions. After the 4 minutes record the displacement made.

The rate of reaction can be effected by a number of factors: temperature, concentration and pressuring adding a catalyst, surface area, particle size and light It can be concluded that the experiment allows to investigate the rate of temperature of the reaction between potassium manganate VII and glucose solution.

In case there was a change in color even without the enzyme, the control would determine how much change was due to enzyme activity, and how much was unrelated. Clamp odometer about 2 in above the bottom of the beaker to the ring stand.

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How temperature effects the speed of the reaction essay

The enzyme used was catalase which breaks down Hydrogen Peroxide, this gives off water and oxygen as effervescence. When 20 minutes was up, each set of 5 test tubes was removed, and separated to avoid confusion of data. Also this experiment will help the class learn firsthand how temperature, and all the other factors that effect enzyme activity, actually do. There was a correlation between the temperature and the amount of gas that was produced. It is measured by dividing 1 by the time taken for the reaction to take place. Put the tube inside the cylinder and have the stopper ready for the flask. The systematic error in this experiment is the temperature, because the temperature fluctuates as I cannot get the temperature perfect with every experiment.

After all the test tubes were cooled, each set of 5 was separated and prepared for the spectrophotometer. There were a lot of random errors in this experiment such as the gas that was lost during the experiment.

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