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Show the adcom what it is that the Honors Program offers you that you would not be able to find as a regular GWU undergraduate. In short, it will make you seem more impressive.

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Twenty-three thousand of us cram into our assigned areas and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, no room to move. You can also share a story in which you convinced another student of the validity of your point in a classroom debate, formal or informal. Given the phrasing of the question, this prompt would be essential for applicants planning to major in international affairs or the social sciences. This will show the committee that you are someone who reads outside of school, who is able to think critically about a book they dislike without the goading motivation of having to know its content for a test. It's race time. Here are some ideas of the kinds of moments in your life that will highlight the qualities necessary for the completion of this prompt. Congress in in accordance with the wishes of U. My greatest passion has always The admissions data in the graph is self-reported by applicants to George Washington University. Discuss your commitment to taking advantage of this opportunity by actively engaging in some aspect of the Honors Program you find particularly engaging — for example, monthly dinners with the Honors faculty. It was Easter morning and my mom was scheduled for a procedure Learn about our College Apps Program. Why do you want to make this program a priority for your undergraduate experience? I remember the day perfectly. Unfortunately, the pig had a ghastly aroma which filled the whole house, and everyone immediately scolded her for the acrid smell ruining their Thanksgiving meal

This prompt also gives you an opportunity to highlight an aspect of your profile that the rest of your more conventional application does not showcase.

Most admitted students had a high school GPA of 3. George Washington is highly selective, so some students with grades and test scores that were on target for admission were not accepted.

Check out this CollegeVine guide to make your essay-writing process as smooth as possible. As the parents of the family encourage The two key characteristics you want to highlight about yourself in your response are willingness to take initiative in your learning experience and intellectual curiosity.

It is not a good idea to stick to the narrow definitions, which refer to attending your classes and learning about the required subject matters.

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George Washington University: Acceptance Rate, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA