Fun writing activities for first grade

Communication skills are truly a stepping stone to success. Engaging narrative writing exercises are the bread and butter of motivating students to write creatively and effectively.

First grade writing lessons

Write down three facts about your favorite author. Choose a type of dinosaur and write 3 to 5 interesting facts about it. This writing process checklist helps illuminate the process in a fun, easy-to-follow format, and can be used for any type of writing activity, whether your students are sharing opinions, facts or fictional tales. Wild Side. Continue Reading. What do they do? Writing also encourages kids to explore their imaginations and to reach deep into the furthest corners of their creativity. They put their own twist on the typical opinion writing structure by each choosing three wishes, and then providing one main reason for each wish. Fresh from summer vacation and ready to build on the foundations learned in kindergarten, kids need engaging back to school writing activities to give their minds a warmup. Self Portrait. What are three important facts about how the game is played? They should focus on understanding the concept of an opinion and providing basic justification for their own opinions.

They are starting one of the most wonderful adventures of their lives—the adventure of learning and growing up. Extra Hour. My 3 Wishes by Mrs. But even professional authors struggle sometimes with getting their stories out of their heads and onto paper.

Writing pages for 1st grade

Reptiles and Amphibians. What qualities do you look for in a friend? Explain why? Which of your toys is your favorite and what makes it so special? Check out my website to discover more creative journaling ideas and story starters for kids in elementary school to adults. New Friends. After School. You may be meeting lots of new kids in first grade. Then, towards the end of the year, ask them to write about all the things they accomplished. What would you do if you were in the middle of the ocean and your boat springs a leak? This narrative writing worksheet helps your students identify the four fundamental elements of a story—characters, setting, a problem and a solution—during the planning stage. As you can see, journaling has so many educational benefits—as well as simply being so much fun. They are starting one of the most wonderful adventures of their lives—the adventure of learning and growing up. What is your favorite wild animal and why?

Healthy Teeth. Bonus Worksheet: The Writing Process Checklist When exploring the full writing process with your students—from first draft through final edits to the finish line of publication—you and your class may also find it helpful to use a checklist to keep track of overall progress.

Have them write about their favorite summer activity and challenge them to include as many details as they can remember. What is your favorite holiday and why? Ask your students to fill in the blanks of this back to school writing activity with details about how their first day went—and how it made them feel.

What is your least favorite type of weather?

first grade writing worksheets free printable

Simply have your students color in each checkmark as they complete each stage of the process!

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1st Grade Writing Activities for Kids