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What does a police officer do? Symbolic Interactionism gives emphasis on the individual meanings and the influences that socialization has when explaining the micro or individual level on interactions between the police and the politically ostracized, which is vitally important to this police brutality examination.

Start Your Free Trial Today Police and society There is a remarkable historical, geographic, and organizational diversity in the activities of people who are, or have been, defined as police.

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The key role of the police is to prevent criminal activity to occur in society. Chile also has two, one for patrol and another for investigations. They may travel by foot, on bicycle or motorcycle, or in marked cars. The police officers are also introduced to. However, no uniform worldwide system of policing ever emerged. A normal duty shift might include transporting a drunk driver to a detoxification facility, intervening in a domestic assault, citing underage drinkers, apprehending a shoplifter, handling a traffic accident, investigating burglaries and executing search warrants. Ultimately, they keep streets and neighbourhoods safe, even if that safety requires them to engage in situations where they may have to put their lives on the line.

Along with traditional duties, police officers today engage in many proactive initiatives. History also helps to explain this diversity; e. For example, Los Angeles has the Los Angeles Police Department but there are many other agencies that can work in the city.

An effort is made to get acquainted on a first name basis with leaders of schools, organizations and churches.

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Examples of proactive outreach include helping to organize a neighborhood watch, giving presentations to schools and speaking to residents about their concerns at a neighborhood association meeting.

A gendarmerie is a police force that is part of the militaryalthough its members rarely do actual military work.

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On average there are Police officers must handle the stress brought on by these situations while remaining calm and collected. In Canada , local governments can choose to either run their own police force or give the job to a bigger one. Start Your Free Trial Today Police and society There is a remarkable historical, geographic, and organizational diversity in the activities of people who are, or have been, defined as police. Responding to crimes. In the United Kingdom , for example, patrol officers form the "uniform branch", while detectives work within the CID "Criminal Investigation Department". Many believe that the police should give up their brute type tactics for a more civilized and humanized approach, while others feel that the police should crack down on the most insignificant of offences to type and disparage crimes that are more serious. One common type is a sheriff's office also sheriff's department , an agency that is led by a sheriff. When these strategies are followed the community becomes an additional mechanism of control of services provided by the police. Whether they are public or private, the roles of the police and their motives remain pretty much the same.

However, a decentralized police apparatus tends to hinder the flow of intelligence between the various components of the system. The need for police accountability is made evident by the great power that police forces wield over the lives, liberties, safety, and rights of citizens.

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This means that the police try to find out who did the crime. Most police officers work outdoors while on patrol, and are subjected to all types of weather conditions. Most substantial evidence, however, is obtained through the interrogation of both criminals and witnesses.

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