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The peak stands at a height of ft. It is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and be one with the nature. Walking straight would have helped us instead of going to tata station. We were delighted that he had got his mobile back. It is possible to trek alone or without a Nepali guide, but you wuld not know what to do in a major storm, zero visibility and plunging temperatures at possibly 5, m?

Refrain from trekking and take rest when you feel sick or suffer from high altitude sickness. Make sure to carry your food, water and all your gears and equipment before you leave the camp. A trekking route will often pass through forests of rhododendron, bamboo, oak, and hemlock, visiting one or two villages each day.

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The hilly areas, snow covered peaks, glaciers, forests and all the other things one encounters during this expedition is breath-taking. The majority of the trails are well maintained and in many cases are sign-posted. It is indeed a great outdoor activity that offers a wonderful opportunity to the adventure lovers to feel refreshed and knock out negative thoughts. It was an amazing experience. The two of my friends were climbing swiftly like Spiderman n were always first to reach any spot while I was always at last. Contact What is trekking Trekking is an outdoor recreational activity of hiking or walking for more than a day. According to several physicians and health experts, trekking, besides being an adventure activity can also be considered as a very good exercise to build muscles of the arms and legs. Lodge based Treks include the provision of all meals, a guide, and porters to carry client duffel bags. With trekking as hobby children learn the art of self control, determination and stay focussed on their goals. Looking for better times to come so that I can successfully trek a right mountain…………. Trekking is an art which any healthy and young minded person can learn at any age. Share Trekking in Nepal Nepal has attracted trekkers from around the world since the s when Col Jimmy Robert's organized the first commercial trek. It can be experienced at various places around the world. Mountaineering became popular in India post-independence.

We had taken a wrong decision and landed on top of mountain which was far away from our final destination. Tented treks include the provision of all meals and a Sherpa team consisting of a sardar Trek Managera cook, support Sherpas, and locally employed porters to carry all heavy gear including the sleeping, dining, kitchen and toilet tents, folding chairs, food supplies, kitchen equipment and client duffel bags.

I am an average type of person whose weight is roughly around 75 kilograms and height about centimeters. We were a group of eight friends and there was another group of 12 people that was to accompany us up the mountain trek along with our guide and his team. I had memorized the Google earth maps and drawing a rough map we proceeded.

We were given clear instructions about how to go about this adventure sport and we followed the same throughout.

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Mere survival is not the freedom of the hills.

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