Essay on patriotism is not enough

He becomes a leader whom others try to emulate. A country has no actual feelings and the boundaries that are drawn were drawn by men like you and I.

essay on patriotism in 200 words

Hayward is doing at University of California-Berkeley is beyond comprehension. Her own life, too, was now condemned.

If Dr. He blogs at Wilderness Preacher.

Essay on patriotism is not enough

But let me get to my interest in Dr. People are made to believe that their monition alone is superior. It is a great virtue.

We will have to root out the Nietzschian Doctrine of the super man and the super nation from the body politic of our education and evoke instead, social sympathy and an international conscience. Image Source: cscarts. When he does address them, 1 the centralized powers of the Administrative State, 2 Statesmanship, 3 the nature of Progressivism, 4 the decline of the West and even his topic 5 Patriotism, his book becomes exciting. Mahatma Gandhi made the love of India a part of his quest for truth, which again is a part of God, the Eternal. However, abstract Second, being literate can mean "having knowledge or competence. A true patriot is respected everywhere. Conclusion : Patriotism can never be a virtue until its moral principle is realized and people are trained for it.

The loyalty of the Muslim, they say, can only be to the Ummah It does not glorify the gallows or the guillotine; it only stresses tolerance and understanding.

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Essay on Patriotism