Dangers of police work

In fact, an argument can be made that it's precisely the element of danger that entices many to the profession to begin with.

Benefits and dangers of police work

Officers are also exposed to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time. Many agencies detail statistics similar to Los Angeles, CA where Chief Beck reported an 8 percent decrease in violent crime, but 26 percent increase in officer assaults in his city in Of all the jobs listed, only police officer deaths include a significant number of murders as opposed to accidents. Even if they're not happy about getting a ticket, a notice to appear, or even arrested, most people understand and appreciate the job that law enforcement officer is trying to accomplish. Pursuing officers need to remember that as much as we like to catch the bad guys, there are other factors at play. In New York City , only one cop in fired his or her gun at a suspect intentionally in Over the last five years, the second highest cause of death in line of duty deaths was automobile accidents. It is dedicated to advancing the art, science, teaching and practice of public and non-profit administration. In , eight NYPD officers attempted suicide, while six succeeded. It can be presumed that not many criminals are trying to kill fishers or loggers or refuse collectors. The 10 Deadliest Jobs : Deaths per , 1. Hazardous Pathogens Police offers are often the first on the scene of accidents, which brings them in direct contact with blood and air borne pathogens. The most dangerous job in the U. Less crime means safer working conditions for the people who try to stop it.

This can place a significant amount of physical and mental stress on the officer. The report for noted the following: In12 officers were killed by other persons and police shot and killed 93 subjects.

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The 10 Deadliest Jobs : Deaths per1. In fact, on-the-job fatalities for law enforcement officers are again on the upswing following a historic low of line-of-duty deaths in at the close of the last decade. Pathogens cause diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS. Enforce better and more professional training to avoid dangerous situations, and offer better counseling to deal with the stress of the job.

Facts about being a police officer

Non-standard working hours, especially rotating shifts, encourage poor sleeping habits and police officer fatigue. Despite the risk, it takes all kinds of people and personality types to make a police department work and to keep a community safe. Use body cameras. Numerous reports, including a comprehensive study by the University of Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professionals, have identified significant links between police officers' jobs and their own health. This will return oxygenated blood to the brain and allow you to think more clearly. All can be managed with some planning and mindfulness. It is incumbent upon the pursuing officer to decide if the dangers outweigh the advantages when it comes to the safety of the public. Officers never know if the person they are dealing with has a contagious disease like tuberculosis, so they face this risk every day. The most dangerous job in the U. Hazardous Pathogens Police offers are often the first on the scene of accidents, which brings them in direct contact with blood and air borne pathogens. In addition to patrolling the streets as a motor officer, Hoschouer helps fellow LEOs with financial coaching through his company, The MotorCop Mindset.

Learn safe lifting techniques. Officers spend a great deal of time driving, which naturally increases their risk of being in an accident.

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All can be managed with some planning and mindfulness. Police officers are many times more likely to commit suicide than to be killed by a criminal; nine NYC policemen attempted to take their own lives inalone. Construction laborers: Gang members plague jurisdictions throughout the country and often have a value system that rewards violence and assaults on law enforcement.

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With proper and diligent training and a survival mindset, police officers can greatly reduce their risk of injury or death and live to enjoy a long and rewarding career.

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The Dangers of Being a Police Officer