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AGU Ethics Program If you need to report an ethics allegation not in connection to AGU activities, please contact your home institution or the governing institution where the misconduct occurred.

The home doctor gives a more personal medical care to the patient and is far more compassionate towards the patient.

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The improvements demonstrated appeared consistent and sustained. Corresponding author. Full text of the electronic order templates is available in Multimedia Appendix 3. How to prepare for in — Home Doctor Service To help make your first doctor visit at home go smoothly here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind to make the most out of the service; Give a proper briefing about your medical history and current medical needs, for the doctor to make proper diagnosis and prescribe appropriate medication or course of action. Categories within the management domain included the following: questions pertaining to medication choice, drug side effects or interactions, navigating the health care system, referral for psychotherapy, and queries as to whether the patient required an in-person evaluation. Also keep your hospital discharge papers ready, if any. Electronic consultation eConsult is one model that has been shown to improve timely access to subspecialty care in a number of medical subspecialties. Are you vaccinated? Results of the interventions were tracked from 1 October to 30 April Specialist responses were categorized in a similar manner. Question and response texts were extracted from the EHR with personal identifiers removed. Post-Hospitalization Cardiac Care Post hospitalization is a critical period more so in the case of heart patients. Simply documenting the recommendation without any action did not count as implementation.

There was improvement in WTC within 6 months of initiation of interventions. Call us or book an appointment online and get an experienced doctor from Suhani Critical Care to take care of you at your home.

It many situations, we are physically weak and prefer to stay at home and even a visit to a doctor seems an uphill task.

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Referral Process If you wish to utilize this service, please complete the request form found at this link. The two coders analyzed the consult questions and responses independently, and we evaluated agreement using interrater reliability to identify areas of discrepancy and refine the coding structure based on preliminary findings [ 2930 ].

Confidentiality Once a referral request is approved by AGU, you are responsible for contacting Kristina directly. We used this initial data to clarify our classification system and then reviewed the data again, resolving any remaining disagreements via discussion with the research team.

A generic template was created for questions that fell outside the condition-specific list. Although the format varies, eConsults generally involve a PCP-initiated referral for specialty consultation for a clinical question that is outside their expertise but may not require an in-person evaluation.

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At home. You will get the specialized Doctor to help you in getting your normal life back as soon as possible. Confidentiality Once a referral request is approved by AGU, you are responsible for contacting Kristina directly. Finally, make a list of all your concerns you need to discuss with your doctor. In these situations, obtaining sound legal advice sooner, rather than later, is critical. Patients are often informed of the eConsult as they would be for a traditional consultation. Rapid PDSA Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles were used to implement a series of interventions, and changes in wait time were tracked, with concurrent patient load, rostered manpower and number of admissions from ED. Shortages of behavioral health providers have been demonstrated in nearly every US county, and in a national survey, two-thirds of PCPs reported they could not obtain high-quality outpatient mental health services for patients [ 7 , 8 ]. Are you vaccinated? Simply documenting the recommendation without any action did not count as implementation. The primary goals of eConsults are to prevent unnecessary referrals for management that could occur in the primary care setting and, in so doing, to decrease wait times for those who require in-person evaluation by the specialist [ 11 ].

Kristina is a lawyer, activist, and advocate for those facing harassment, bullying, discrimination, retaliation or other challenges in academia and the workplace.

This unique medical initiative India is not only gaining ground but is also known for their value of money services.

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