Commercial vehicle market in india

The basis for this monumental shift comes from the portrayal of CVs as the crux of transportation industry advancement. So, if some help comes from the government, then we can expect demand to pick up during the festive season," Mathur said.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd reduced wholesales of its Vitara Brezza compact sport utility vehicle because of weak demand, emerging competition and its recently announced plans to phase out diesel vehicles from next April.

This underlines the fact that over the past seven years, the company has shed nearly 10 percent market share in the heavy truck goods carrier segment. The new models have seen robust demand despite a weakness in the overall market. This was also the ninth straight drop in monthly passenger vehicle sales.

commercial vehicle market in india 2018

We will take a call regarding production after taking a look at the market situation. Girish Wagh, president of the CV unit at Tata Motorssaid the market may slip to a single digit growth even after the expected pre-buying.

Indian commercial vehicle industry trends & outlook 2019

And with it, allied sectors are bound to showcase their own success stories. Manufacturing of engines that are mindful of nitrogen oxide release and particulate matter discharge is already in progress. Holding on its promise of superior fuel economy, the most important aspect of a truck and for its owners, the company has slowly expanded its product portfolio into the heavy truck segment. Irregular monsoons or slowdown in consumption can adversely affect the growth. To be sure, sales of commercial vehicles have slowed down since the second half of FY These decrees are set to propel the Indian CV industry to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their global counterparts, advertising cleaner vehicles and zero to lowest emission count possible. Moreover, the entire freightage business is experiencing a seismic change in its operations and supply chain management. The heavy truck segment, which is a cyclical business, always rapidly grows after experiencing a gradual decline in a cycle.

CV data will be transmitted while the vehicle is on the move, thus optimising availability, costs and logistics. The flood situation in states such as Maharashtra will further impact consumer sentiment, he said.

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Commercial vehicles among the worst placed in auto slowdown