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However, BE in China has a lot of varieties determined with the educational context of students and the diversity of languages spoken in regions. When visiting McDonald's and having a non-English speaking person taking your order, one becomes frustrated with the lack of appreciation for learning English. All students are required to learn 2 of the official languages English and Chinese mandarin accent. Bilingual education is a term that describes the different kind of educational program such as English as a Second Language. A bilingual system encourages reading and understanding skills. Argumentative essay about bilingual education - bilingual education argumentative essayArgumentive essay on bilingual education essay. The main goal of all this programs is the student became biliterate in their native language and the second language acquired. In this paper, I will discuss some benefits, problems, and solutions to these problems while also advocating the importance of bilingual education. Simply, the bilingual system is that teaching and learning involve the use of more than one language. This discussion has been prompted due to the ever increasing numbers of Spanish-speaking persons emigrating to the United States, especially in those states that border Mexico--California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Such subjects are Math, History and some Science classes. Two authors, who have each taken opposite sides of the debate on bilingual education in America, are: Richard Rodriguez and Ariel Dorfman The author begins by writing, "Bilingual education has been part of the immigrant experience in America since the Colonial periods, when native-language schooling was the rule rather than the exception" Yet, there would eventually be legislation instituted to help alter the course. Or should your child be expected to learn in the country's language and perhaps get extra help on the side.

Not only does the system improve language knowledge, but it also enhances communication skills and thus preparing youths to face the world. An example of legal rationale in regarding bilingual education is English being the only language approach that is taught to English language learners in the United States in school districts according to No Child Left Behind Act of NCLB.

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In this paper, I will discuss some benefits, problems, and solutions to these problems while also advocating the importance of bilingual education. Even the government has mixed issues when it comes to bilingual teaching.

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The culture of the United States is no longer what it once was. Knowledge of the current in business is also valuable. The first English only initiatives were brought forth in by newly elected president Reagan. Schools should not have English- Only education because bilingual education provides equal opportunity for academic achievement and creates an accepting classroom that allows cultural diversity Those that are opponents of bilingual education seem to fear the idea of students being exposed to a second language or becoming proficient in two languages. When students who speak a native language and have not learned the English language enter a classroom full of English speaking students will become intimidated and afraid. Instead, Eva begins to feel angry, hurt and confused because people laugh at her.

There are various initiatives in the country towards the abolition of bilingual education as a method of instruction in schools as most of the states such as Arizona, California, Massachusetts, and even Colorado campaign against it Rossell, Alone, Bilingual education is a controversial issue.

Bilingual education, or teaching through the native language, has been an important technique for providing that right to English language learners.

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The increasing need for such services insights passionate supporters and opposition to rise up against one another in the fight over which is better. If we live in multicultural neighborhoods, trade with the global marketplace, and want to use all technology resources available, it is necessary to know two languages.

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