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The combination of expanded evening television newscasts and traffic-related delivery problems in urban areas worked against afternoon newspapers. In the station was sold to a private corporation and remains on the air today.

He also taught history and social studies at a Boston-area high school.

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Or maybe they were just awful at math. Today the Journal-Constitution is among the top twenty newspapers in circulation nationwide and is the most influential newspaper voice in Georgia.

Young Clark Howell had come to work at his father's newspaper in after apprenticeships at the New York Times and the Philadelphia Press.

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Both Hemphill and Howell served as mayor of Atlanta, Hemphill during his years as a Constitution executive and Howell after he retired from the paper. McGill's moderate voice throughout the early years of the civil rights movement, which made him unpopular with many conservatives, is generally credited with helping Atlanta avoid the violence that attended the movement in many southern cities.

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They have the hardware and the respect of their peers to prove it. Margaret Mitchell The Sunday magazine published original syndicated work by many of the leading writers of the time, such as Harold Ross, founder of the New Yorker magazine; novelist Erskine Caldwell ; and humorist Will Rogers. Legend says the new name was suggested by U. His paper was voted the best small weekly in the annual Georgia Press Association contest, and he won several personal awards for writing and photography. Gray died unexpectedly in , at the pinnacle of his career. Not so for the small-town editor, who often is the publisher, ad salesman and janitor. The license was allowed to expire in , but the following year a new license was granted with the call letters WGST, standing for Georgia School of Technology. He also taught history and social studies at a Boston-area high school. In the Journal and Constitution finally combined their newsroom staffs into a twenty-four-hour operation, although they continued to produce two newspapers under distinct mastheads. Affiliate members include bankers, lawyers, appraisers, insurers and other professionals who work closely with brokers to help owners and buyers get to the closing table. He bought the Atlanta Daily Opinion, one of several newspapers serving the city's 20, residents, and renamed it the Atlanta Constitution. Until recently, Atlanta had two—the Atlanta Constitution, first published on June 16, , and the Atlanta Journal, which debuted on February 24, Hoge, entered the city's newspaper war early in

The Constitution continued as a morning paper with a liberal editorial bent, while the afternoon Journal had a more conservative leaning. Most type furiously on laptop computers, but one is contemplating a blank sheet of paper, his Rapidograph pen poised to strike.

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