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But next time you hear Herman Melville, allow yourself a mental hiccup before you spit out Moby-Dick. Is he jealous? Billy Budd, with its central conflict between the driven Claggart and the innocent Billy, delves into the mysteries of human motivation. Melville died in in New York City, not a particularly popular author. An ex-midshipman, Richard Parker, convinced his fellow mutineers that they should not accept the government's terms immediately but should hold out for more. Melville wonders how an illiterate nation, one unable to speak for itself without using violence, is to survive. Why do you think Melville made impressment into naval service a part of Billy's character? Captain Vere's nickname, "Starry Vere," comes from a poem by Andrew Marvell , in which allusion is made to the "discipline severe" of a figure called "starry Vere," actually an ancestor of the captain. Bruce Franklin sees a direct connection between the hanging of Budd and the controversy around capital punishment. Melville worked on Billy Budd at the very end of his life, from the years to The promises made to the mutineers included better pay, removal of some of the harshest officers in the fleet, and pardons for those involved in the mutiny. Condemned to be hanged the morning after his attack on Claggart, Billy before his execution says, "God bless Captain Vere! Billy strikes what was individual to Claggart.

Some critics have interpreted Billy Budd as a historical novel that attempts to evaluate man's relation to the past. Based on the confusing manuscripts, the published versions had many variations.

By this interpretation, Melville is opposing the scientific, rational systems of thought, which Claggart's character represents, in favor of the more comprehensive poetic pursuit of knowledge embodied by Billy.

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Now, let's imagine that we play this game in the yearthe year of Melville's death. Just where the emphasis finally lay in the not altogether finished story as he left it is, in essence, the issue that has engaged and divided the critics of Billy Budd. Melville's Redburn tells the story of an inexperienced yet proud young man who goes to sea and learns about the world through his difficulties with life at sea.

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The state of this manuscript has been described as "chaotic," with a bewildering array of corrections, cancellations, cut and pasted leaves, annotations inscribed by several hands, and with at least two different attempts made at a fair copy. It followed that the story meant not only radically to champion 'the people,' but also amounted to 'a call for rebellion.

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Billy Budd, Sailor: An Inside Narrative