An analysis of the function of biological membranes and their contribution to membrane

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If biological membranes were not fluid, it is hard to imagine how cells could live, grow, and reproduce. The content of membranes defines their physical and biological properties.

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This statement is so widely accepted by biologists that little attention is generally given to the theoretical importance of cell membranes in describing the cell. It is obvious, however, that some well-known and widely used drug should be studied first to show that the difference in permeability between normal and cancer cell membranes exists.

They can be classified according to their relationship with the bilayer: Integral polytopic proteins are transmembrane proteins that span across the membrane more than once. Peripheral membrane proteins[ edit ] Schematic representation of the different types of interaction between monotopic membrane proteins and the cell membrane : 1.

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Finally, carbohydrates can be linked to either proteins or lipids, resulting in glycoproteins or glycolipids. It is shown that the cancer cell membrane is approximately one order of magnitude less permeable to cisplatin in comparison to the membrane of the normal cell. Besides the asymmetry of the membrane, its curvature also plays an important role in many cellular processes 26 , Three types of lipid are found in biological membranes, namely phospholipids, glycolipids and sterols. Many types of specialized plasma membranes can separate cell from external environment: apical, basolateral, presynaptic and postsynaptic ones, membranes of flagella, cilia, microvillus , filopodia and lamellipodia , the sarcolemma of muscle cells, as well as specialized myelin and dendritic spine membranes of neurons. Currently passive diffusion through the lipid bilayer is considered as the only known way of transport of cisplatin in its active form 62 , 69 , 71 , It is one of the oldest and the most widely used anti-tumor agents, which is adopted for treatment of a wide range of cancers

Serine and ethanolamine can replace the choline in this position, and these lipids are called phosphatidylserine PS and phosphatidylethanolamine PErespectively.

One of the major concerns comes from the difficulty of determining equilibrium state of the ligand in the membrane related to extremely slow transitions in bilayer structure, which occur on the time scale well beyond the capabilities of routine all-atom MD simulations

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