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After having rejected women based on such things as limps and widow status, Leo reluctantly agrees to meet a woman named Lily Hirschorn.

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But he must present her in a context so that it is absurd to marry her. She is the prodigal daughter. His desire must be attained.

By which might be meant a bigger or more affluent one. Antin, Mary. Field, Leslie A. Old Salzman, however, is more inflexibly than ever rooted in tradition. Here are some ways our essay examples library can help you with your assignment: Brainstorm a strong, interesting topic Learn what works and what doesn't from the reader's perspective.

Cramer, Carmen.

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He commences to say a prayer when the man in whom he has been searching for a match for, finally found a female. As Malamud attained a reputation as a respected novelist in the s and s, his short stories were widely anthologized and attracted considerable attention from literary students and scholars. Salzman is the sage who would initiate Leo Finkle into the existential nature of love--but that is a peculiarly difficult task since Finkle is the eminently rational young man committed to the life of reason. He must be able to distinguish them. Surely we can expect a rabbi to support at least the fundamental parts of the law. Pinye is a poor, undignified representative of the old, repressive system that must be broken through for true maturation to take place. Strong and vibrant Jewish communities thrive in many American cities. Written in Hebrew characters and based on the vocabulary and syntax of medieval German, the Yiddish language was spoken by many European Jews and their American immigrant descendants. I was concerned with. It is clear that Salzman has indeed disowned his daughter who has gone completely bad. They are then consumed by fire from the Lord. Leo determines to reform himself and renew his life.

In other words, different groups of people speak in different ways. Finkle knows the word but not the spirit; and he makes it clear that in a secret part of his heart he knows it.

On the date he mentions the name of God in ordinary conversation.

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It is important to note that Catholics, Protestants and Jews often number the verses, and consequently the commandments, differently. Hoffer, Bates. He knew immediately that this was the woman for him. Salzman has the typical salesman characteristics in the start of the novel. The narrator of the story views the events of the story through the eyes of Leo Finkle even though it is not Leo telling the story. She is a wild one—wild, without shame. Born in Russian Poland, Antin immigrated to Boston as a child in and became a social worker in the immigrant neighborhoods of that city. In the end of the story is where it becomes increasingly stranger. Examines the two writers in the context of Jewish fiction. Cahan was a Russian immigrant who found success in America as an editor and journalist. Salzman particularly recommends one Lily Hirschorn, an unmarried schoolteacher. Analysis of Bernard Malamud's "The Magic Barrel" Essay - In the traditional Jewish community, the arranged marriage is the approved model for marital relations. As European Jewish communities grew larger and as modern secular notions of romantic love became pervasive, professional matchmakers became less scrupulous in their dealings and were frequently the objects of satire and derision. A congregation will respect and be more willing to seek guidance from a rabbi if he is married.

Feature for feature, even some of the ladies of the photographs could do better; but she leaped forth to his heart—had lived, or wanted to—more than just wanted, perhaps regretted how she had lived—had somehow deeply suffered: it could be seen in the depths of those reluctant eyes, and from the way the light enclosed and shone from her, and within her, opening realms of possibility: this was her own.

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An Analysis of "The Magic Barrel" Essay