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Sound Quality The baby boomers listened to 45s on some of the worst systems imaginable. There are too few services and professionals who can deal with these issues in a quick and targeted way. D: Yes. I think there are particular issues including the lifestyle for road crew, the ups and downs of the creative process, the ability to internalise failure and equate it to record sales and gigs, that are specific to our industry and need to be part of any therapeutic process.

A: When we were on tour in America I went through some serious depression and anxiety. This means that a feed tailored to unique musical tastes is an expectation rather than a perk. Working The Numbers Whether it be authors scamming Amazon reviews or record companies garnering fake YouTube plays you can no longer trust statistics and reviews.

I believe that people who are inherently attracted to the Arts as a practice can often be predisposed to certain mental health problems. When it came time for questions, musician and producer Sisa Sopazi made a statement about there being two music industries in South Africa, one white and one black.

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Some self-medicate even more to avoid suffering, which can lead to severe medical problems and occasionally drug overdoses and suicide. The eccentrics, outcasts and creatives of the world find art as an outlet for expression and release and a way to make sense of the world around them.

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Weed helped way more than the booze. While the music artists on the panel leaned towards the latter, Eric Wahlforss made an interesting point about the changing needs and expectations of music consumers.

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Top Ten Issues in the Music Industry