A biography of pierre trudeau a canadian politician

He defended vigorously the newly implemented universal health care and regional development programmes, as well as the recent reforms found in the Omnibus bill.


The Trudeau Liberals slogan during the campaign was "Real Change" In addition to the appeal of his party's platform, Trudeau's success has been credited to his performance both on the campaign trail and televised election debates exceeding the lowered expectations created by Conservative advertisements and conservative media outlets. The biggest challenge was the October Crisis in The piece stated Trudeau provided a "day-late" apology to the reporter, saying, "If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward. The leadership convention was close, but Trudeau won and became prime minister. His constitutional skills quickly impressed the prime minister and others, and in April he became minister of justice and attorney general for Canada. The traditional Liberal rally at Maple Leaf Gardens saw Trudeau stressing the importance of major constitutional reform to general ennui, and his campaign "photo-ops" were typically surrounded by picket lines and protesters. He had an older sister named Suzette and a younger brother named Charles Jr. In , even as the Liberals flopped—falling from the official opposition to the third party, with only 34 seats—Trudeau was reelected.

Canada was just coming out of a year of centennial celebrations and Canadians were upbeat. In the meantime, he worked at a Montreal radio station, for which he covered the Olympic Games in Athenshad a role in the television miniseries The Great Warand was an unpaid spokesman for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

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Trudeau's government also took radical action to deal with the energy crisis of the early s. Professionally he went by his third Pierre and fifth Elliott names. This compared to 30 per cent for the governing Conservatives and 19 per cent for the Official Opposition New Democrats.

Western Canada's bitterness towards Trudeau, which had long persisted, even aroused talk of Western separatism. His youngest son Michel died in an avalanche.

The leadership convention was close, but Trudeau won and became prime minister. Having accomplished his goal of strengthening Canadian federalism, Trudeau turned his attention to international affairs, campaigning for world peace and improving the relationship between the industrialized nations and Third World countries.

A biography of pierre trudeau a canadian politician

It was the 60's.

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Pierre Trudeau